J2D Films Presents

Avenue Avery

The story of a girl… and her time machine.

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Episode 1 | Rooftops

Avery’s life is falling apart, but everything is about to change.

Episode 2 | Sixty-Eight Hours

Avery and Dan try to make sense of the time machine.

Episode 3 | Toe Socks

Avery goes on her first mission to change the future.

Episode 4 | The Experiment

Avery concocts a way to test her impact on future events.

Episode 5 | Sparks Fly Up

Avery uses the time machine to win over Stephen.

Episode 6 | Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Avery meets a mysterious girl with knowledge of the time machine.

Episode 7 | Be More

Seven months later, Avery finds herself at a life altering crossroads. 

Episode 8 | Eureka

Things get complicated for Avery and Dan.

Episode 9 | Down the Rabbit Hole

With Prequel threatening, Avery & Dan each undergo one last mission.

Episode 10 | Kingdom of Rust

Series Finale. Avery races against the clock as her 68 hours wind closer to zero.